You can quickly add users from your company or another company. The maximum amount of users are defined by your license form.

You can at anytime edit or delete a user on your platform.

To add users to your projects, the user needs to be added to your platform first.

To learn more about the different types of users see the detailed section.

Add, Edit and Delete a user

Users (platform roles)

There two types os user roles - platform roles and project roles. For more info on the project roles go here.
There are 5 different user roles. These roles defines if a user can create projects e.g. The roles does not have any influence when working on a project.

  • User:
    This is the basic user account, with the lowest priviliges. The user can not create projects, but the user has access to create personal notebooks and todolists. External users should be added with this role to ensure, that they can not influence with your company's projects.

  • Moderator:
    The moderator is main user with the general access. The moderator can add projects, but only see projects where the moderator is assigned.

  • Admin:
    The company's administrators is admin. The admin has full access and can edit all users.

  • Deactivated:
    The user account is deactivated, and the user can not log in.

  • EmailUnconfirmed:
    The user is added on to your company's platform, but has not clicked the activation link in the activation-email.

Adding a user

Insert the userdata below. The username needs to include more than 4 characters.

If the user is from your company, then leave the tick on. If it is an external user untick the box, and a company field will appear. Insert the users company here. If the user already has an account, the users existing company will be used.

The new user will recieve an activation email with the username and a generated password. The user will be asked to change the password the email.

Tutorial add user

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