The Kanban view gives an agile way to work with your tasks. In Kanban you are moving (dragging and dropping) the tasks between the different status, and you can also move them up and down within a status column, to rearrange their priority.

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What is Kanban

Kanban is simple methodology originally developed by Toyota to ensure LEAN processes.

How to

Visualize your workflow and keep a constant eye on your tasks status and progress.

Big board

Kanban is just a big board structured with lanes, and your tasks is just simple pieces of papers to put on it.

Detailed description

Managing projects (tasks) with Kanban is incredibly simple, but at the same time incredibly powerful. In other words: Kanban is a scheduling system for LEAN manufacturing and just-in-time manufacturing.

It is just a big board, divided into working areas (status), which could consist of: "Open", "Active", "Closed". In this way, you will always have a visually overview of the number of tasks and their progress.
You can take the Kanban features to a higher detailing by adding swimlanes - these are rows, but still with the same working areas (status).

Imaging you are managing a building construction project, which consist of a ventilation system and a cooling system. By defining a swimlane for each of these installations, you will have an overview of the sub-projects, one place to manage all the tasks, and a way to define restrictions/dependencies to each other.

The kanban view

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