CxPlanner and Excel

Import/Export to Excel

It is possible to export your data to Excel spreadsheet files (XLSX). You can use this to share your data with people who's not using the platform.

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Export and import an Excel file

Furthermore it is possible to import an Excel file to update your tasks from the Excel file. E.g. you export the tasks to an Excel file, which can be edited. After the editing you can import the Excel file to update the tasks.

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Export all tasks to Excel

Export to Excel and Import the file to update the tasks

CxPlanner require you to structure the Excel spreadsheet to be able to parse it. If you export the task list to an Excel file, you only have to make small changes to fit the structure.

  • The top row needs to be column heading. Delete the 2 top rows from the exported file.
  • To add comments, you need to add a new column with the name "Comments".
  • The sheets name need to be "Tasks" (this is standard when exporting from CxPlanner).

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