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Frequently Asked Questions


The dashboard - configure it to your needs

Your dashboard

The dashboard contains your main overview. The current status of projects are summarized in the donut chart, and so are all the tasks. You can only see information on the projects, where you have access or are the owner.

At the bottom of the page, there are two bar charts showing the tasks divided out on each project. The second chart is only showing the tasks, where you are assigned to.

You can configure the dashboard how you like - do you need more charts? Or fewer info boxes? You can enable and disable the items on the dashboard at your profile page (My profile)

Tutorial dashboard
Add users to your platform - the first thing to do

Add a new user to your platform

You can quickly add users from your company or another company. The maximum amount of users are defined by your license form.

You need to add users to your platform, before you can give them access to your projects.

You can at anytime edit or delete a user on your platform.

The different user roles in the platform. Admin, Moderator and User.

The different user roles in the platform

There two types os user roles - platform roles and project roles. For more info on the project roles go here.

There are 5 different user roles. These roles defines if a user can create projects e.g. The roles does not have any influence when working on a project.

User This is the basic user account, with the lowest priviliges. The user can not create projects, but the user has access to create personal notebooks and todolists. External users should be added with this role to ensure, that they can not influence with your company's projects.
Moderator The moderator is main user with the general access. The moderator can add projects, but only see projects where the moderator is assigned.
Admin The company's administrators is admin. The admin has full access and can edit all users.
Deactivated The user account is deactivated, and the user can not log in.
EmailUnconfirmed The user is added on to your company's platform, but has not clicked the activation link in the activation-email.

You own logo

Go to the main settings in the sidebar to the left and upload the logo.

When selecting a photo, it will be previewed in the top left corner. To save it click "Upload".

Personalize your profile - add a profile picture, activate 2FA, enable weekly status mails, etc.

Edit your profile

All users can access their own profile page. It is possible to change your profile image, name, email, enable 2FA, activate weekly status mails, etc.

You can change the view of main dashboard and the project dashboard, by un-ticking the elements, you do not want to see.

Personalize your dashboards - enable or disable charts and info-boxes.

Personalize your dashboards

All users can personalize their dashboards. This includes enabled or disabling the overview charts, info-boxes, etc.

YYou can also change the positions of the items on the dashboard - move them around. These settings are saved to your profile, and will be used when you sign in.


Add a new project

Adding a new project

All users with the platform status as "Admin" or "Moderator" can add new projects.

You will find the "New project" in the sidebar to the left, in the menu under "Projects".

Add a user to the project (give user access to project)

Add users to your project

You need to add a user to your project, before the can see and access it.

The different user roles on a project. Who can add and edit tasks?

The user roles on a project

There 2 types of user roles - platform roles and project roles. The section below describes project roles. To see the platform roles go here.

You need to add a user to your project, before the can see and access it.


Element Admin Manager Worker Designer Contractor Viewer
Project: View all from company X

Project: View all your own projects X X X X X X
Project: View settings X X

Project: Edit settings X

Project : Import tasks X

Project : Delete project X

Project: Add/Remove users X X

Tasks (project)

Element Admin Manager Worker Designer Contractor Viewer
Tasks: View (list, kanban, etc.) X X X X X X
Tasks: Add new X X X

Tasks: Edit task X X X

Tasks: Edit own tasks X X X X X
Tasks: Edit tasks assigned to you X X X X X
Tasks: Edit an OPR task X X

Tasks: Delete a task X X

Subtask: Add new  X X X

Subtask: Edit subtask X X X

Files  (project)

Element Admin Manager Worker Designer Contractor Viewer
Files: View all files X X X X X X
Files: View all revisions and versions X X X X X X
Files: Add new file X X

Files: Delete file X X

Files: Download file X X X X X X
Files: Edit folder strucure X X

Commissioning  (project)

Element Admin Manager Worker Designer Contractor Viewer
Organizational chart: View X X X X X X
Organizational chart: Edit X X

Cx plan: View X X X X X X
Cx plan: Edit X X

OPR: View X X X X X X
OPR: Edit X X

OPR: Comment X X X X X
BOD: View X X X X X X
BOD: Edit X X X

BOD: Comment X X X X

Contract: View/Edit X X

Review: View X X X X X X
Review: Edit X X X
Review: Comment X X X X
Site visit: View X X X X X X
Site visit: Edit X X X
Site visit: Comment X X X X
Test overview: View X X X X X X
Test overview: Edit X X
Test overview: Import X
Test paradigm: View X X X X X X
Test paradigm: Edit X X X
Test paradigm: Delete X X
Accept of phase: View X X
Accept of phase: Edit X X

Cost benefit  (project)

Element Admin Manager Worker Designer Contractor Viewer
Cost benefit: View data X X
Cost benefit: Add new data X X
Cost benefit: Delete data X X
Cost benefit: View chart/report X X

How to edit the task settings - status, categories, phases, etc.

Edit the task settings

You can edit the settings for tasks in the project settings.

Change the names of the status and the order of them by dragging them around. You can also add new phases, categories and swimlanes.

View your 3D models in the browser (BIM)

View your 3D-models in the browser

CxPlanner's file module has an enhanced and optimized 3D-viewer for online in-browser viewing.

Just upload the IFC file, we'll optimize the file for your desktop and mobile, and the click on it to navigate in the 3D-model.

The video below shows how to use your mobile device to navigate in the 3D-model.

Export the project to an XLSX-file, edit it, and import again to update the tasks

Import tasks from an Excel-file

You always have the possibility to export tasks to an Excel-file - but you can also import them again.

When you have made your changes to the Excel-file, then just re-import it again.

You can import them as new tasks, or just update the existing tasks. To with a more detailed video, follow this link.

Export your project to a ZIP-file

ZIP it!

We are making daily encrypted backups spread across multiple locations - but you can still make local backup.

ZIP the entire project - database entries and all the uploaded files and photos.

How to add cost benefit data - shwo the savings

Did Cx save the owner any money? YES!

You can add cost benefit data to your projects. The data shows the saved money, hours, etc, which you have saved by using Commissioning.

YYou can visualize the data in the cost-benefit overview and in the projects reports.

CxPlanner generates free data-sets and charts for the Commissioning community - you can help by sharing your cost benefit data anonymously.


How to add a new task

Add a new task

You can 1 task or you can add multiple tasks. You only need to provide a name - no more is required.

How to add a new task with a photo on a mobile

Add a new photo-task on your mobile

Just click on the photo button - voila!

How to edit a task

Edit an existing task

This view can vary depending on your access to the project.

How to edit many tasks at the same time (bulk editing)

Edit many tasks at the same time

This view can vary depending on your access to the project.

How to take/upload a picture and draw on it

How to take/upload a picture and draw on it

You can on mobile and PC upload a picture to a task and draw on it. Just hit the picture button and start drawing!

How to search for (a) tasks

Find the task

There are several search options - you can use the standard search-items or search with free text. To exclude a result, just insert ! before: status:!Closed.

How to send a task per email to another project user

Email a task with all the attachements

Hit the send button and the task is sent by email the one of the project users.

Mark a task on a drawing (PDF)

Work with PDF's

Just upload the floorplans in the project settings, and the mark you tasks on them.

Mark a task on a map with GPS

GPS coordinates

Don't have a drawing? Or lost track of your location? Then use the GPS feature.

The GPS location including a mark on the map will be exported to all test reports.

Export tasks to Excel (XLSX)

Excel - our good friend

You can always export the tasks to Excel. Many people still prefer to work in spreadsheets, so you can of course use that feature too.

The GPS location including a mark on the map will be exported to all test reports.


View tasks in a kanban overview (LEAN)

Kanban - a LEAN method

Kanban is a LEAN tool to visualize your work with tasks - move the tasks around the different status or swimlanes.

You can add and edit the different status and swimlanes in the project settings.

View tasks in a structured Gantt chart

Gantt chartt

You can view all the tasks view dates in a Gantt chart. You can drag and move the tasks around to change the dates.

View tasks in a classic calendar look

Calendar view

View all tasks in a classic calendar view. Drag tasks into the calendar to assign the to dates and drag the tasks across dates.

Commissioning (Cx) tools

What is Commissioning?

The Commissioning Process

Commissioning is a quality orientated process with various tools to verify, that a product (normally a construction) fulfils the owner's requirements.
Commissioning is used within the ship, medical and flight industry, and many of the principles are also used within software development.

Thomas T. Jarløv is the main developer and is also the founder of the danish wikipedia for Commissioning, This page contains descriptions and step-by-step instructions to perform the Commissioning activities described in ASHRAE G-0, ASHRAE Std 202 and DS30390.

Commissioning features

All Commissioning processes are different, but the main tools stay the same. CxPlanner provides these tools, but with a flexibility, which allow the end user to adapt the tools to a the specific process.

Commissioning tools

There is no strict way on how you can use the Commissioning tools, but the "normal" flow with the tools are shown below.

As shown below there is a "Review" box. CxPlanner is build around the "Log", you should therefore insert your review comments into the log.

Software based Commissioning

It is common practice to use Excel-spreadsheets to handle the Commissioning process - primarily the Commissioning log. Excel-spreadsheets work, but they have multiple limitations.

Software based Commissioning optimize the whole Commissioning process from the pre-design phase and into the operation phase. Having all the tools (OPR, log, BOD, review, site-visit, etc.) in an online database, opens up for a smoother and collaborative process, with a clear and valid historic.

The users

CxPlanner is built as a fully functional platform solution, which can be used by the Cx leader, owner, O&M personal, consultant and contractor. It is also possible for only the Cx team to use CxPlanner with no external users. If external users needs data, then it is always possible to export the tasks to a Excel-spreadsheet with 2 mouse clicks.

If you have any questions regarding how to use the tools, feel free to contact me.

Cx process
Organizational chart for the project users

Organizational chart

You can visualize the project users in the organizational chart. Move the users around and add new ones.

How to use the test paradigms

Test and test paradigms

Test is an essential part, and test paradigms is therefore and integrated part.

Either make a test paradigm on the fly or use one of your own templates or one of the public available.

How to use the test paradigms on a mobile

Test paradigm on your mobile

Often we only have our mobile phones with us, therefore the test paradigms works with mobile phones fluently.

How to add a template for a test paradigm

Test template

Add a test template which you can use across all your projects. Predefine a test template for ventilation plants, so all people in your organisation test ventilations plants the same way.

How to review documents/drawing and make annotations

Review of documents

The Cx Teams Design review is an important part. You can upload documents to project files and then perform a review.

How to work with the test overview - add and edit data. Keep track of your installations.

The test overview

The test overview is new document in the Cx-toolkit. It gives you instant overview of all test and plants on the project.

CxPlanner uses an online and dynamic test overview, where you can easy add and edit data.

How to ensure that you are compliant with the Machinery Directive

The Machinery Directive

To be compliant with various regulations, e.g. Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC, a startup check is required. This modules structures the feedback and observations from the startup check including pre-defined checklists.

Describe the observation, insert the system name into the tag-field and choose the safety category.

How to enable or disable the Cx tools

Activate or disable Cx-tools

You don't need the Cx-tools? Then just disable them. You need more Cx-tools? The just enable them.

Project files (upload)

How to adjust the project folder structure

Folder structure

Adjust the folder structure to your need. Double click to edit the folder name or drag the folders around.

How to set the access to folders - who can see and who can write

User restrictions

You can define - per folder - what a user is allowed to: See, Write or None.

Just double click or right click to change the values. You can also select many cells and bulk edit.

Upload a zip and automatic extract the content and folder structure

Upload and unpack

Do you have a large ZIP-file with many folders? Upload it and we'll extract the content and create the folders for you.

Upload files to project

Upload files

Upload a single or multiple files - just drag the files into area or click on it.


Notebooks, notes and one-note

Note it!

Use notes on a project, create personal notebooks and view them all in a one-note view.


Add and work with todo-lists

Todo it!

Create todo-list and add items. Drag the items around and mark them as finish.

Project status reports

How to make weekly project status reports

Status report

Status reports consists of 2 main elements: Reporting and Stickers. Both are tools used to track the project's progress.

Using the navigation in the sidebar gives you access to main view. By clicking on the project names within this view, you can access the project specific details.


The reports are used to give the current status of the project's progress. Each report is defined within 3 status: Good, Problem and Critical.

The reports can used to inform boards or program directors of the progress of multiple projects.


Stickers has a background within the LEAN concept. Each sticker are assigned a category, e.g. "Learning". The stickers needs to be closed manually and a solution needs to be provided.


You can show the reports for last 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, etc. It is not possible to sort the stickers, which always will be visible if they are open.


You can export the reports and stickers to Excel files (XLSX).

Other stuff

What is my limits?


You can always with your company's limit.

This can vary depending on your agreement with CxPlanner.

We can always increase your limits - just contact us

I have a problem, how can I contact your?

Contact us!

You are always welcome to contact us. Just click on the support button and write us a message :)

Help! Where is the help!?

Well hello - you are already here

This is the help section. You are always welcome to contact us for more information.

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